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Date of last revision: January 14, 2016

Terms of Use
Domaindoubler is a domain monetization platform that helps you buy, lease, sell and invest in domain names.

Acceptance of Terms
These are our Terms and Conditions “(Terms of Use)” or “(Terms)”, please read them carefully. By accessing or using our website, online products and services, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use, and by all terms incorporated into these Terms of Use by reference. If you do not agree to be bound by each and every term and condition contained in this agreement, you must leave this Site and you may not establish a membership.

By using this website you represent and warrant that you have the legal right and are authorized to enter into this agreement and to accept these Terms of Use, and that you agree to indemnify Domaindoubler for violations of these Terms of Use.

Changes to the Terms of Use
Domaindoubler reserves the right to, at any time and in its sole discretion, update these Terms without notice to you. The updated Terms shall be effective immediately upon posting on the Site. Your continued use of the services after such change constitutes your binding acceptance of the new Terms. We therefore urge you to frequently review these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the updates, you must stop using the Site.

We reserve the right to refuse participation to any applicant in our sole and absolute discretion and to; (i) stop or suspend the services provided under this agreement for a definite or indefinite period, without prior notice; (ii) take such action we think necessary in order to avoid potential liability, losses or disruption to our systems.

You hereby irrevocably accept; (i) that Domaindoubler shall have no liability against you or any third party resulting from stopping or suspending the services for a definite or infinite period, for any reason, including but not limiting to the violation of the acceptable use of terms described and referenced herein; (ii) Domaindoubler´s rights and limited liabilities and agree to become a member under these terms.

Violation of any of these Terms will terminate your account;
(i) You must be a real person and over the age of 18.
(ii) You may not use Domaindoubler for any illegal or unauthorized activity.
(iii) You may not use Domaindoubler to abuse, stalk, threaten, intimidate or otherwise violate the legal right of others.
(iiii) You may not post or distribute any unlawful topic or other inappropriate material. You certify that any information you provide us is accurate and current. You are responsible for all content you post.
(v) You may not create another Domaindoubler account without our written permission to do so, If for any reason Domaindoubler terminates your account.
(vi) You may not use any device, software, or other technology to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of this website.
(vii) You may not upload files that contain viruses, corrupted files or any other similar programs that may damage the operation of another person´s computer.

If we offer chat areas or forums, you agree to use these forums only to send and receive messages that are related to that forum.
You agree that Domaindoubler will not be bound by any statements of a general nature, which may be posted on our Site outside of these Terms or contained in our promotional materials.

The Internet can be unreliable and it may occur that your access to and use of our website may be interrupted, slow or even inaccessible at times. Domaindoubler will need time to update our Site and even though we will try to do this during slow periods, we cannot always schedule downtime. We will not have any liability to you as a result of service outages that are caused by our maintenance on the servers or the technology that underlies the service, failures of our service providers, computer viruses or other cause beyond our reasonable control.

Return Policy
Domaindoubler offers a full refund on domain sales if a buyer chooses to return a domain within 30 days of purchase. In order to qualify for a refund; (i) The domain must remain at the same registrar as when it was transferred. If a buyer transfers the domain to another registrar, the domain will be locked for 60 days and will not be eligible for return according to this policy. (ii) The buyer must return the domain, including exclusive control of the domain, to Domaindoubler. (iii) The domain may not have been used in any negative manner, that may harm the value of the domain (such as adult website hosting, for spam or any other negative action). A refund may not be applied, if Domaindoubler finds that a buyer’s actions have caused problems to the value and health of the domain. Domaindoubler will permit a buyer one return per calendar year. Domaindoubler will in all reasonable cases honor its Returns Policy.

Verification of Sales
Before the completion of a sale, all domains are subject to a final verification to ensure that the domain listed is indeed for sale by the current registrant and that there are no issues in selling the domain. Normally all orders are approved and transferred immediately upon verification of payment, but a receipt of payment does not render the transaction complete. If for any reason circumstances arise affecting Domaindoubler´s ability to complete the transaction and deliver a domain to the buyer, all charges will be refunded. The sale is considered final when the transfer of the domain to its buyer is complete.

Membership and Fees
Membership is free of charge. In order for you to use the services on our website, you need to become a “Member” of Domaindoubler. To become a Member you must be 18 years old and agree to these Terms of Use. You must sign up by providing a valid email address, along with creating a password for your account. You agree to receive all notifications via email at the email address you provide us when registering and you agree to keep your email updated.

Unless otherwise expressly noted, all fees and prices are non-refundable, even if the services are suspended, terminated or transferred prior to the end of the services term. We reserves the right to change or modify our fees or commissions at any time and these changes or modifications shall be effective immediately without need for further notice. All fees related to registration and use of the domains are the responsibility of the Members.
In order for Domaindoubler to obtain payment, the Member agrees that Domaindoubler may pursue all available lawful remedies; (i) If for any reason Domaindoubler is unable to receive payment from the Member´s method of payment for the full amount owed for the services or products provided, or if Domaindoubler is charged a penalty for any fee it previously charged to the Member; (ii) If for any reason Domaindoubler is unable to charge the Member’s credit card with the full amount owed for the Services provided, or if Domaindoubler is charged back for any fees it previously charged to the Member’s credit card.
In order to effect payment the Member accepts that the remedies Domaindoubler may pursue will include, but is not limited to, immediate cancellation without notice to the Member of any domain names or services registered or renewed on his behalf.
Domain names that are newly registered can not be transferred to another registrar within first 60 days following the purchase date.

General Terms

Listing Restrictions
You agree that your domains do not and will not violate any applicable law, regulation or these Terms of Use and will not breach any rights of any person or entity including, without limitation, rights of intellectual property, publicity or privacy.

You warrant that all your listed domains on the Site comply with the following provisions and obligations:

(i) The domain does not infringe the rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, trademark, naming or publicity rights or in any other way cause offense, and is not the subject of any legal disputes or proceedings challenging your right to register or use the Domain.
(ii) You may not list any domains related to child pornography, obscene language or any other bestiality.
(iii) You are the owner and have the right to sell the listed domain.

Member agrees that Domaindoubler will not withhold taxes, it is the responsibility of the Member to pay all local and/or foreign taxes on earnings and payments received from selling domains and Member also agrees to reimburse Domaindoubler any claim or assessment of taxes by any foreign or local tax authority, and any other costs resulting from the use of our Site and services.

Buying and selling Domains on our Marketplace
A Member may sell domains on our Marketplace. When you add a domain to your account, we will appraise the domain and suggest a listing price. You can always override the appraisal price and list the domain for any listing price you desire. You understand and accept that once the domain has been listed for sale it becomes available to the public at the listing price. Domaindoubler retains the right to sell any domain for the listing price and all sales made through our Marketplace will be considered authorized sales.
Once Domaindoubler has verified and received payment in full from a buyer, you will be notified via email and your domain will be considered “sold”. However the transaction will be considered “pending” until seller officially transfers the domain. The seller will be provided with instructions by Domaindoubler on how to transfer the domain to a Domaindoubler-partner registrar. We will initiate the transfer of the domain and ask the seller to provide the authorization code, unlocking information, and any other information needed to facilitate the transfer within fourteen (14) days. If seller fails to provide the necessary information, or otherwise fails to complete the transaction with fourteen (14) days, Domaindoubler may seek legal remedies, including breach of this agreement.
Domaindoubler will charge the seller a 10% commission for the sale of a premium domain.
A confirmation email will be sent to both parties notifying them of the completed transaction and providing buyer with the domain management information. Seller will receive payment from us within thirty (30) days of the completed transaction. If for any reason a domain cannot be transferred because of reasons beyond the control of the buyer, buyer may be entitled to a full refund within thirty (30) days of the incomplete transaction.
Within 180 days of payment to Domaindoubler, a buyer is required to accept the domain transfer and complete the transaction. If a buyer makes payment, but fails to complete the transaction within the period of 180 days, then buyer’s payment may be forfeited. Reasonable efforts will be made by Domaindoubler to complete all transactions, however we are not liable for transactions older than 180 days.
At any time and for any reason at our sole discretion, Domaindoubler reserves the right to return a domain to seller, and/or refund the money to buyer or reverse a transaction.

Violation of Intellectual Property
The purchase or sale of domains comprised of trademark protected terms are prohibited and Domaindoubler will not be liable for any damages resulting from such transaction. Further we shall not be held liable for any legal transactions or other acts on our Marketplace. This applies to any violations of rights of a third party through the listing of a Domain with the intensions to sell.

In the event that we will be notified by a third party, that Member’s use of our Selling service may infringe the rights of such third party, Domaindoubler reserves the right to immediately suspend the domain in question without prior notice and to prohibit the Member from using that domain name with any of our services.
It is the intellectual property owner’s responsibility to monitor their rights and to file a complaint if they believe these rights have been violated by our member. Domaindoubler shall not be responsible for monitoring the intellectual property rights violations by its members.

The Site and all content and other materials on the Site, including, without limitation all Domaindoubler names, logos, designs, text, graphics, pictures, information, data, photographs, software are the exclusive property of Domaindoubler and are protected by Swedish and international copyright laws.
Domaindoubler give you permission to access and use our website only in accordance with these Terms of Use and does not include any right to:
(i) rent, lease, resell or use this website or its content for any commercial purpose;
(ii) reconstruct, publish, copy, or create new works from, distribute or publicly display any Site Materials in whole or part;
(iii) use any robots, scraping or other automated means to access this website for any purpose without our express written permission;
(iiii) other than the page caching, download the website, or its materials;
Any use of the Site or its materials other than for its intended purpose, is strictly prohibited and will terminate the permission and your right to use the Site or receive any payment from Domaindoubler, including any amounts accrued to you prior to termination.
Unauthorized use of this kind may also violate applicable laws including, without limitation, copyright and trademark laws and applicable communications regulations and statutes. This permission to access and use our website is revocable at any time by Domaindoubler.

You may not copy, imitate or use trademarks of Domaindoubler; (i) such as the logo of Domaindoubler, or any other product or service name or slogan contained in the Site; (ii) such as the look and feel of the Site, all page headers, custom graphics, button icons and scripts, without the prior written permission of Domaindoubler.

Domaindoubler grant you a limited, non-exclusive right to create a text hyperlink to the Site for noncommercial purposes, however this link may not portray Domaindoubler or any of our suppliers or services in a false, misleading or otherwise inappropriate way and also the linking site may not contain any adult or illegal material or any material that is offensive, harassing or otherwise inappropriate. We take no responsibility for the contents of any linked websites. This limited permission is revocable at any time by Domaindoubler.

Third-Party Products and Services
Domaindoubler may provide information about or links to third-party products or services on the Site or run advertisements and promotions from third parties. Your purchases from or any other correspondence with such third parties, any terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such purchases, correspondence, participation or other dealings, are solely between you and such third party.
We are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort that may occur as the result of any such purchases, correspondence, participation or other dealings.

Content Submissions
You acknowledge and agree that any content, such as comments, questions, ideas, notes, creative materials or other information, that you provide us, about our Site, our products or services in the form of email or other submissions or in any other way will become the sole property of Domaindoubler.
You agree that Domaindoubler shall own exclusive rights in and to all Feedback, including all intellectual property rights arising now and in the future. You agree that we shall be entitled to unrestricted use, and commercial exploitation of Feedback for any purpose, without permission or compensation to you. Between you and Domaindoubler, you irrevocably waive any moral rights you might otherwise have or retain in any Feedback.

Links and Content and Interactive areas
Domaindoubler may provide links to other Web pages. These sites are not under the control of Domaindoubler and we take no responsibility for the content or reliability of any websites linked from the Site, or websites linking to the Site. When leaving our Site, keep in mind to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of any site you visit.

Domaindoubler may provide third-party content on the Site. We may also include interactive areas that provide the opportunity for you or third party to create, post, submit or otherwise make available information, text, music, video, photographs or other material (“User Content”). You are solely responsible for your use of such User Content and you agree not to post, upload or otherwise publish through the Site any User Content that is; unlawful, pornographic, obscene, indecent, threatening, abusive, and that may infringe any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual proprietary, advertising of any sort, any private information of any person or of any third party, corrupted data or other harmful, destructive files, in any way considered inappropriate or objectionable by Domaindoubler.
Domaindoubler have no control over and make no warranties of any User Content. You acknowledge and accept that we are not in any way responsible or liable, directly nor indirectly, for any User Content published by you or any third-party on our Site, nor for any loss or damage resulting therefrom. We do not take responsibility to update or review such content nor are we responsible for the availability of such linked sites. Keep in mind that your use of interactive areas is at your own risk. Enforcement of the User Content is solely at our discretion and failure to enforce User Content does not constitute a waiver of our rights to enforce such rules.

You agree to indemnify and hold us and our agents, suppliers, service providers, or other partners and employees harmless from any claim or demands, including reasonable lawyers’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of;

(i) your use of this Site, content you post, submit or otherwise transmit on or through the Site;
(ii) your violation of these Terms of Use, or your violation of the rights of any third party.

At any time you may close your account, you do this by contacting us with the request through our Contact page.
Without notice and in its sole discretion and without any cost, charge or liability to Domaindoubler, we reserves the right, to terminate the Site, your use of the Site, and to stop or prevent your future access to and use of the Site. Failure to notify you of such actions will not be our responsibility if such failure is caused by an inaccurate email address, your failure to check your email or inform us of changes in your email or if you fail to receive the notifying email for any other reason.

Limitation of Liability
In no event will Domaindoubler, its employees, subsidiaries or contractors be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special damages, or any other damages of any kind, including but not limited to damages for loss or goodwill resulting from any use of or the inability to use the website, its content, or any products or services, or failure of performance, or use of any other linked site, even if Domaindoubler is advised of the risk of such damages. Your sole remedy is to discontinue use of this website. If we for any reason become liable to you, in no event shall the aggregate liability exceed the actual amount of commission we earned on your product purchase.

Any products or services offered by sellers or suppliers are not guaranteed or represented by Domaindoubler. We will not be liable for any intellectual property, product or service provided by any seller or supplier. All such claims are to be made directly with the seller or supplier. You acknowledge and agree that Domaindoubler will not be liable for any costs or damages resulting from a dispute between you and any of our suppliers or sellers.

Disclaimer of Warranties
You acknowledge and agree that;
(i) the content, materials, information, products and services that are available on this Site are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any representations, warranties or conditions of any kind. Domaindoubler expressly disclaim all warranties and conditions, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, durability and against infringement;
(ii) further we make no warranties about the completeness, accuracy, integrity, reliability of such content;
(iii) we do not warrant that such content will be free of indecent, inappropriate or offensive material;
(iiii) we do not warrant that the Site or any of its servers are free of viruses or other damaging components and further that the functions of and service provided will be secure, uninterrupted or error-free. Any downloaded or in another way obtained material through the use of our Site, is done at your own risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage that arise from download of any such material

Any question you may have regarding the use of the Site or our services, please refer to our FAQ section or contact us on our contact page.

Privacy Policy
For information on how Domaindoubler handles personally identifiable information from its users on the Site, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

General Information
These Terms of Use represent the entire agreement between you and us regarding the subject matter hereof, and govern your use of this website and supersedes any prior agreements between you and us. When using affiliate services, third-party content or software you may also be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply.

All disputes will be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration under the rules of Stockholms Handelskammares Skiljedomsinstitut in Sweden. The language of the arbitration will be Swedish.

These Terms of Use, your use of the Site and the relationship between you and Domaindoubler shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sweden without regard to its conflict of law provisions. You agree to submit to the Swedish law for any dispute arising under or relating to the subject matter
of these Terms. Subject to mandatory arbitration, you agree that any action at law or in equity arising out of these Terms shall be filed only in the courts located in Sweden and you hereby irrevocably and unconditionally consent and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts over any suit or action arising out of these Terms of Use or your use of the Site.

You agree that we shall be entitled to injunctive and other reasonable relief in the event of, or to prevent, a breach of any provision of these Terms by you. However, this reasonable relief, shall not be construed to be a waiver of any other rights or remedies that we may have for damages or otherwise. If Domaindoubler do not exercise or enforce any legal right or provision of these Terms, you agree that this will not constitute waiver of such right or provision.

If any provision of these Terms is found invalid or for any reason unenforceable, that provision will be deemed severable from these Terms, and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

Contact Information
Please contact us for any questions or comments about the Site you may have on our Contact page.