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iPhone 8 – Is this Chinese phone the best look yet?

Apple’s iPhone 8 is going to release on the coming September to make a high impact. You might know that the lasts series of iPhone was iPhone 7 and now this time they are skipping the S series from the phone and want to move on to the next one where they are adding the new technologies in it.

You might know that most expected smartphone of the year is going to take some more time to release. Yes, iPhone 8 specs are releasing with some delay because OLED display supplies are not sufficient. Now the people are demanding it to release it very fast. Actually, you might know that Apple is upgrading its display fro, LCD to OLED which is the new technology used all over and it matters most. There are no OLED panels available to redesign smartphone.

You might know that Apple is planning something new on their series to make the tenth anniversary as a grand success. Yes, iPhone 8 is releasing in next year. This iPhone will be redesigned and there will be a feature which may not be developed in iPhone series.

Now Apple is planning to release their phones with OLED displays which are the first time to be used in the iPhone devices by replacing the LCD panels. Apart from that, the phone will also have an edge-to-edge display with curves at the edges then the phone screen will be large. There will be no bezels or buttons in the phone.

You might check the specifications of iPhone 7 and not bought yet then don’t buy it. You can wait for an upcoming year to buy this new handset. So, there are lots of Android phones coming with new features but what I can say is you need to wait for the next year for the release of iPhone 8.

Now you may know that the there is a new Chinese company which is releasing the phone called as Mi Mix. The phone is all set to release on November 4. The phone might feature 6.4ins display, the screen is up to the edge of the phone.

There is a small amount of bezel at the bottom but it doesn’t have buttons. So, you can perform all the functions on the screen. Apart from that, there is a scanner in the back of the phone.

It might features latest Snapdragon 821 chipset with 6GB RAM where you can even select 4GB RAM too. There is no date is fixed on the release date of this phone but it might release in Chine on November with 425 in Chinese currency. The iPhone 8 is expected to be little more technologies but the features are different. This phone will have the glass case instead of metal one. This phone has the feature called Fingerprint scanner and Facetime camera enabled a feature. So, there are rumors are spreading that Mi Misk will have the same features as iPhone 8.

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